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Case Study: US Auto Parts


Steve Kaay, Vice President of Global Contact Center Operations for U.S. Auto Parts, has a big job: he makes sure customers are receiving the products and services they need through his massive call centers, while also making sure that all customer information – especially sensitive information – is kept secure.

Before finding KomBea and their signature product, SecureCall, Kaay was looking for solutions to be PCI compliant, while at the same time, they were considering outsourcing some of their call center operations. A big concern with outsourcing for Kaay was being able to control, or “have eyes on,” how credit card information would be kept secure when they no longer had the function in-house.

After some research and review of different solutions, Kaay selected SecureCall, a technology solution from KomBea Corporation.  Not only would the product fulfill requirements for PCI compliance and security, it was easy to integrate and, within a couple days, a dozen agents were using SecureCall.

“This solution marketed itself well to customers,” said Kaay. “When the customer experienced keying in their card information instead of verbally stating it, they perceived that to be more secure and it gave them piece of mind.”

Not only did customers appreciate the improved security and ease of giving information, the call center agents also benefitted from using SecureCall. “I was actually a little surprised at how readily the agents adopted the idea,” said Kaay. The pressure on agents to correctly transcribe or enter information during a call was eliminated, providing a welcome data-entry reprieve of 10-20 seconds. Additionally, when customers entered their own information, accuracy rates increased.

U.S. Auto Parts is in the second full year of using SecureCall, which is used at all five of their sites, whether operated in-house or outsourced.  Kaay noted that using SecureCall gives the company the confidence and peace of mind that agents – who aren’t supervised directly – won’t have the access or temptation to share sensitive information.

Indirectly, SecureCall has also helped U.S. Auto Parts maintain training standards. There are challenges with PCI compliance and recording of calls for training, therefore, not having actual calls for training is problematic and inefficient.

“Prior to using SecureCall, we halted recording calls because we didn’t want to store the sensitive information that is transferred during a call,” said Kaay. “As a result, our coaching and quality assurance were falling behind.”

With the SecureCall technology, when the customer enters their credit card information, the “tones” are monotone, so there is no risk of someone decoding the DTMF tones.

Since the implementation of SecureCall, Kaay has noticed several positive comments coming from customers indicating the importance of security to them. These days, as an agent states in their pre-announcement, “Now you will enter your credit card information using the keypad on your phone, while you do this, I won’t be able to see or hear the information you are entering,” customers tend to respond, “Oh! That’s good!” or “This is the first time I have done this and it sounds like a good idea.” In providing a level of security to which customers positively respond, customer satisfaction ratings also increase, a benefit Kaay is presently realizing in company call centers.

Over the last two years, KomBea Corporation has continued to enhance and improve the product, plus the tool works with all browser types and versions. Kaay noted that SecureCall was “rather uneventful” to install and maintain, which is a good thing. His company was able to use existing devices, hardware and software. Call Centers typically operate on tight margins, making cost-efficiency and return on investment highly critical when choosing technology solutions. KomBea Corporation understands this dynamic and is committed to delivering efficient technology solutions to their clients.

About U.S. Auto Parts

Established in 1995, U.S. Auto Parts (PRTS) is a leading online provider of automotive aftermarket parts, including body parts, engine parts, performance parts and accessories. Through the Company’s network of websites, U.S. Auto Parts provides individual consumers with a broad selection of competitively priced products that are mapped by a proprietary product database to product applications based on vehicle makes, models and years. U.S. Auto Parts’ flagship websites are,, and  The company’s corporate website is

About KomBea

Established in 2002, KomBea Corporation develops and markets call-center solutions that increase productivity, compliance, and security.  KomBea products are used on millions of calls around the globe.  Customers range from Fortune 500 to small companies.  KomBea has been featured in TMCnet and The Atlantic. The company’s website is