With SecureCall, agents never see or hear sensitive data.

In every call center that handles sensitive customer information, there is a risk that employees may willfully steal or unwittingly misuse that data. As long as agents and supervisors can see or hear this information, your organization is vulnerable to breaches.

That’s why you need SecureCall. Using your existing software and phone system, SecureCall enables a customer to give an agent sensitive information using their phone keypad. The agent remains on the call, but only hears masked tones and sees asterisks appear on the screen.

Your organization can collect credit card numbers, ID numbers, and other information without agents (or those observing recordings) seeing, hearing, or accessing this sensitive data.

Plus, SecureCall helps protect your organization against outside threats. Often, an outside fraudster will try to “hack” more detailed information about a customer after gathering just enough details from the customer’s social media accounts. The agent has no verification of the identity of the person on the other line, and they’re trained to provide great customer service—to be helpful and solution oriented. This is the combination that allows the hacker an opening.

SecureCall can help your call center agents follow protocol more strictly and prevent this external fraud. For example, a step can be put into place where the agent would not be able to even access a customer’s record until the customer securely enters a key piece of information using their phone keypad.

In addition to combating both external and agent fraud, SecureCall can reduce your PCI scope and associated costs. While SecureCall does not require PA-DSS certification, an in-depth analysis by SecurityMetrics confirmed that SecureCall, when properly configured, does not compromise an organization’s PCI compliance and can even reduce PCI scope.

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Using your existing phone systems and applications, SecureCall is deployed as a “CRM Plug-In.” Embedded at strategic locations within your CRM, SecureCall opens and enables customers to give sensitive information using their phone keypad, while the agent remains on the phone. SecureCall interprets the tones and displays them as asterisks for the agent, protecting the information.