ProtoCall Results

If you are skeptical about launching a new KomBea program and concerned by the implementation of it, rest assured that our team of Six Sigma-trained “black belts” have rigorously tested the ProtoCall agent-assisted voice solution against a series of control groups that were not using our product. These testing methods consistently demonstrated that not only does ProtoCall enable call centers to reduce handling time and improve regulatory compliance — agent, customer and shareholder satisfaction is also markedly improved.


  • ProtoCall improves customer satisfaction by reducing the incidence of escalated calls by as much as 300 percent and cutting the number of customer call backs in half.
  • Customers also feel they are receiving better service from ProtoCall agents than the test group in all areas including friendliness, knowledge and communication.
  • By using ProtoCall voice-blending, even when customers notice a transition from the recorded voice to the agent’s voice, the transition is subtle enough not to disrupt the natural flow of the call.



Regulatory Compliance

With the introduction of ProtoCall, regulatory compliance improved dramatically from below the standard of 94 percent compliance to over 99 percent in just over one week.


Handle Time Reduction

Just one month after implementing ProtoCall in a group of newly trained agents, the call handling times were dramatically lower — in some cases as much as 50 percent lower than the group of seasoned, experienced agents.


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