Case Study

ProtoCall Case Study


One of the industry’s leading financial services companies had difficulties maintaining regulatory compliance and customer-service standards across its global call centers. Many of its customers were serviced by off-shore locations, creating difficulties in delivering consistent and accurate information. These concerns, coupled with maintaining compliance metrics and operating multiple global locations, put this company at risk of incurring millions of dollars in fines and infractions by the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency).


By deploying KomBea Corporation’s ProtoCall solution, this company is greatly reducing its risk by helping phone agents deliver compliant disclosures and caller verification. Using ProtoCall real-time reporting, local and corporate leaders are informed of a disclosure or verification flaw within seconds of the call ending. This gives them the ability to proactively respond minutes after an infraction occurs. Global consistency is no longer a pipe dream.


ProtoCall enabled this company to achieve regulatory-compliance ratings above 99 percent, while also driving solid policy adherence in areas such as caller verification. The delivery of sensitive information is consistent, accurate and in line with company standards. As a side benefit, client confidence increased as a result of clearer agent communication.