ProtoCall Benefits

ProtoCall is the leader in a new category of call center solutions called agent-assisted speech (patent pending). We’ve combined this with desktop automation and our proprietary process-mapping engine, enabling ProtoCall agents to deliver near-perfect process adherence by doing and saying exactly what you want them to on every call.

ProtoCall is an easy-to-use desktop tool that helps agents follow complex (or simple) conversational processes, whether they are verifying a customer’s identity, processing an order, or delivering customized disclosures. With simple clicks of the mouse, agents play pre-recorded audio files, securely collect data, automate keystrokes within their CRM, and much more. Whatever the task – especially those that are done frequently and require compliance – ProtoCall enables agents to execute these more quickly, accurately and securely.

ProtoCall enables you to measure, drive and maintain Continuous Improvement on your call processes, whether these be in productivity, quality or elsewhere. Here are a few real-world opportunities to use ProtoCall:



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