With ExactCall, required information is delivered correctly—no matter the agent.

In many call centers, it’s crucial to accurately deliver required information such as legal disclosures, order summaries, and reservation details. However, as much as you train your agents, there’s really little you can do to measure or enforce compliance. And human failures can lead to legal liabilities, fines, defects, and customer dissatisfaction.

That’s why you need ExactCall. Using your existing software and phone systems, ExactCall lets your agents deliver required information using pre-recorded audio files.

ExactCall ensures compliance by making sure agents deliver the information before their CRM or Order System will process, save, or continue. The required information is free of personalization, errors, omissions, and accents. It’s also customized to the caller, with data read directly from the agent’s system, and optimized for speed and understanding.

Since the information is centrally recorded and controlled, agents are always correct and in compliance—and your customers are confident that their information is being handled correctly.

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  • checked boxRequired information is always delivered
  • checked boxOptimized for speed and understanding
  • checked boxAccurate and consistent
  • checked boxCustomized to the caller


Using your existing phone systems and applications, ExactCall is deployed as a “CRM Plug-In”. Embedded at strategic locations within your CRM, ExactCall opens and lets the agent deliver the required information using pre-recorded audio files. And since the information is centrally recorded and controlled, agents are always giving the right information, at the right time, and in the right way.