Disclosures & Summaries
ExactCall brings contact centers to 100% disclosure compliance - and then keeps it there!
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Enforce Compliance
CRM won't advance until information is delivered and accepted.

Contact centers that deliver legal disclosures, order summaries, or other required information face the risk of agents purposefully or unwittingly not delivering this information.

With ExactCall, agents deliver required information using either our audio-delivery or proprietary text-messaging option. Using audio-delivery, customers hear the information, then confirm receipt by entering digits  (such as SSN) on their phone. Using text-messaging, customers read the information on a smartphone, then confirm receipt by pressing “I Agree”.

The ExactCall API activates fields or buttons in your CRM when the customer confirms receipt, preventing agents from advancing (processing an order, activating a service) until information is delivered and confirmed.  This guarantees 100% compliance.
Ensure Accuracy
Information is always current and complete.

Contact centers that deliver legal disclosures, order summaries, or other required information face the risk of agents purposefully or unwittingly giving incomplete or outdated information.

ExactCall allows you to centrally create, revise, and “publish” required information to all agents.  Once published, every agent is immediately delivering updated information – no chair drops or training required.  The ExactCall API receives data from your CRM so that this is included in the information delivery (account balance, due date, address, etc.)
Convey Credibility
Convey Credibility
Customers know the information comes "from the company".

When using ExactCall to deliver required information, customers have the confidence that it comes “from your company” and represents what is “in your CRM”.  It removes any doubt regarding the accuracy or importance of the information.
Improve CSAT
Improve CSAT
Information is easy to understand and approve.

ExactCall provides a superior customer experience in delivering required information.  The audio option uses a voice that is understandable (no accents), delivered at the right pace, and always accurate.  The text-messaging option is also accurate and complete.  ExactCall provides the option to require customers to confirm receipt and agree to terms.

Companies using ExactCall not only experience an increase in CSAT scores, but also receive positive feedback from agents who are often stressed about delivering critical information.
Decrease AHT
Shorten the time to collect credit card details.

 ExactCall reduces AHT in these ways:

  1. Information is optimized for understanding and speed, leading to fewer questions or repeated delivery.
  2. Agents are able to complete other tasks while customers listen to or read the information.
  3. Text (and email) delivery eliminates disclosure AHT altogether, assuming the agent does not have to wait for the customer to confirm or agree.
  4. Quality monitoring requires less time as there is no longer a need to focus on this part of the call.
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