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SecureCall makes it easier for customers to make payments, while reducing cost and risk for contact centers.
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Eliminate PCI Scope
Eliminate PCI Scope
Credit card details never touch your contact center infrastructure.

Our PCI DSS Level 1 SecureCall Phone Payment System uses both DTMF suppression and our proprietary text-messaging interface. Credit card details bypass your agents and contact center infrastructure, going instead directly to the tokenization service and acquiring bank.

SecureCall is PA-DSS Certified.
Stop Fraud
Stop Fraud
Internal and external fraudsters never see or hear card details.

If your employees or systems touch credit card details, your organization is vulnerable to external fraudsters “hacking” or agents stealing or mishandling this data.  SecureCall eliminates this opportunity. Agents remain on the line during the entire call, while customers enter credit card details on their phone keypad.  SecureCall uses either DTMF detection (where agents hear flat tones and see dots) or our proprietary text-messaging interface (where agents see payment status in real time).
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improve CSAT
Show customers you care about their data security.

SecureCall provides a superior customer experience when collecting payment details, while also showing your concern for their security.  As a result, companies using SecureCall experience an increase in CSAT scores and positive feedback.

Recent surveys show nearly 75% of consumers are uncomfortable providing credit card details over the phone and are “very interested” in using text messaging to help mitigate fraud.

Reduce Chargebacks
Reduce Chargebacks
Create the needed "compelling evidence".

So-called “friendly fraud” has lead to such significant growth in chargebacks.  SecureCall provides additional “compelling evidence” by ensuring that every phone purchase involves the following:

  1. The consumer hearing or seeing what they are purchasing.
  2. The consumer approving of the charges by entering digits that are unknown to the agent (e.g. CVV or zip code).
Decrease Average Hold Time
Decrease AHT
Shorten the time to collect credit card details.

SecureCall decreases AHT in two ways: 

  1. Customers can more quickly provide credit card details using stored cards on their smartphone or using Scan Card capabilities. 
  2. Agents are able to complete other tasks while customers enter card data.
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