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Making Online Payments Shouldn’t be Risky Business

Why is it so important to protect your customers’ personal information while shopping online? The answer is simple—a stolen card can result in significant time and inconvenience for customers who have to remove fraudulent charges and potentially clean up their credit report or deal with credit delays. The Many Threats ...
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Increasing Your Customers’ Trust in Online Shopping

With so many online retail options to choose from, consumers are becoming more wary of who they give their banking information. Due to the increase in scam sites and fake online retailers, it has become more challenging for consumers to tell the difference between legitimate and illegitimate sites. Some customers ...
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KomBea’s On The Road To The CNP Expo

  In a few short weeks, the KomBea team will be headed to the 2017 CNP Expo in Orlando, Florida. The CNP Expo is the fastest growing gathering in the world of Card Not Present merchants from across industries in the same place, at the same time. The Expo is ...
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Protected Information: A Right, Not a Privilege

  You may ask yourself, “In this day and age, why is protecting my personal information so important when there is already so much of it floating around?” You bank online, you pay for things online or over the phone daily and you maintain multiple online social media profiles — ...
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