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Elevate your customer service experience with AI that speaks in a realistic human voice, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and familiarity. Hear for yourself by listening to these real call samples.

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Real call sample: Phone Activation
Service | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Sweepstakes
Sales | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Tech support​
Service | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Visit Appointment​
Service | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: ID Verification
Service | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Insurance
Sales | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Collections​
Service | B2C
English (Australian)
Real call sample: Survey​
Polls | B2C
English (USA)

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25 years in business
Solely focused company
Experts in natural language
Real-world conversations

ProtoCall AI®

Experience the next level of customer service with our human-sounding AI for contact centers. Our AI speaks with the warmth and clarity of a human voice, engaging customers in a more personal and reassuring way.

We’re not just another AI. We’re a partner in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Features for the Real World

Voice Replacement

Human voice records script in any voice or dialect.​
Six Sigma optimizes script, voice & outcome.
Message entities merge in the flow of a base message.​
Eliminates variance in agent voice attributes.
Process Builder is a sophisticated, intuitive application to build call flows.​
Drives best practices specific to a conversation including compliance and quality.
Based on customer-utterance mapping, delivers the correct response and brings the conversation back on track.​
Eliminates unwanted variance in conversations.
Multi-sourced, pre-thru-post call data is captured including 'real time speech' and 'intent matching'.
Machine learning collects and processes data to optimize results.
Drives difficult conversational decisions and eliminates unwanted variance.​
Delivers measurable conversations and outcomes.​

ProtoCall AI® improves predictions, insights,
and interactions with customers by using
a large dataset of real conversations

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Your Road to Autonomous Cx

Methods, approaches and technology change, but some aspects of customer behavior are here to stay.


The portion of online customer interactions that leads to a phone conversation


Customers who prefer to make purchases by phone, such as Insurance, Healthcare and Telecom


Low-value calls that burden your Contact Center

Source: Invoca 2021​ Ovum Research​

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How ProtoCall AI® Works in Real Life

Consumers speak differently when talking to an automated system versus a human being, significantly impacting conversational flow

Distribution of interviewees' answers to a simple question:
Do you own your home?
Talking with ProtoCall AI®​
Consumers are sure they are talking to a human​
Response to Automation​
Consumers are sure they are talking to an automated system - a robot​
Efficiency of IMPLEMENTING ProtoCall AI®
Before YoY with Protocall AI®

Source: 2021 Aberdeen Strategy Research ​

SLM Powered, LLM Enhanced: Our Hybrid Approach to AI

(SLM — Small Language model, LLM — Large Language Model)

Response Time

SLM is Faster

LLM is Slower

Small Language Model
Provide swift, efficient responses, making them ideal for dynamic environments where speed and agility are paramount.

Large Language Model
May encounter latency problems, particularly when deployed remotely, due to their large size and the computational power needed to generate responses.

Performance & Accuracy

SLM is Specialized

LLM is Broad

Small Language Model
Engineered for precision, SLMs excel in delivering accurate results tailored to specialized tasks, ensuring high-performance outcomes with less data.

Large Language Model
Larger models often need lots of computing power, usually in the cloud. Even with possible internet delays, this lets us use smarter and bigger models.

Model Size & Scalability

SLM is Compact

LLM is Expansive

Small Language Model
Offer a perfect balance of size and functionality, ensuring seamless scalability and integration in various environments without heavy resource demands.

Large Language Model
Provide broad language understanding and handle diverse queries accurately, crucial for nuanced contexts. Yet, they might lack precision in domain-specific tasks due to their generalized nature.

Privacy & Security

SLM is Private

LLM is Shared

Small Language Model
Local processing translates to superior privacy and security, keeping sensitive data in-house and under tight control.

Large Language Model
When deployed on cloud servers, there might be concerns about data privacy and security, especially in scenarios involving sensitive information.

Customization & Control

SLM is Targeted

LLM is Universal

Small Language Model
Experience bespoke performance, where models are finely tuned to your specific requirements, offering unmatched control and customization.

Large Language Model
While highly versatile, they might not always align perfectly with specific domain needs without additional fine-tuning or prompting strategies.​

Adaptability & Learning

SLM is Specific

LLM is Flexible

Small Language Model
Quick to learn and easy to update, SLMs are the go-to for evolving with task-specific demands, ensuring your solutions remain cutting-edge.

Large Language Model
Highly adaptable to new data types, offering updated responses without frequent retraining. Leveraging extensive pre-training on diverse datasets, they understand and generate responses to novel queries effectively.

With decades of experience in contact center
optimization, KomBea is a close observer of
global trends. This is what makes ProtoCall AI®

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Founded in 2001, incorporated in 2003, and headquartered in the heart of Silicon Slopes, KomBea develops contact center technology to enhance and perfect agent-customer phone interactions. Contact center agents around the globe use KomBea technology on millions of calls each week.

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