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Elevate your customer service experience with AI that speaks in a realistic human voice, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and familiarity. Hear for yourself by listening to these real call samples.

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Real call sample: Phone Activation
Service | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Sweepstakes
Sales | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Tech support​
Service | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Visit Appointment​
Service | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: ID Verification
Service | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Insurance
Sales | B2C
English (USA)
Real call sample: Collections​
Service | B2C
English (Australian)
Real call sample: Survey​
Polls | B2C
English (USA)

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25 years in business
Solely focused company
Experts in natural language
Real-world conversations

ProtoCall AI®

Experience the next level of customer service with our human-sounding AI for contact centers. Our AI speaks with the warmth and clarity of a human voice, engaging customers in a more personal and reassuring way.

We’re not just another AI. We’re a partner in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Features for the Real World

Voice Replacement

Human voice records script in any voice or dialect.​
Six Sigma optimizes script, voice & outcome.
Message entities merge in the flow of a base message.​
Eliminates variance in agent voice attributes.
Process Builder is a sophisticated, intuitive application to build call flows.​
Drives best practices specific to a conversation including compliance and quality.
Based on customer-utterance mapping, delivers the correct response and brings the conversation back on track.​
Eliminates unwanted variance in conversations.
Multi-sourced, pre-thru-post call data is captured including 'real time speech' and 'intent matching'.
Machine learning collects and processes data to optimize results.
Drives difficult conversational decisions and eliminates unwanted variance.​
Delivers measurable conversations and outcomes.​

ProtoCall AI® improves predictions, insights,
and interactions with customers by using
a large dataset of real conversations

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Your Road to Autonomous Cx

Methods, approaches and technology change, but some aspects of customer behavior are here to stay.


The portion of online customer interactions that leads to a phone conversation


Customers who prefer to make purchases by phone, such as Insurance, Healthcare and Telecom


Low-value calls that burden your Contact Center

Source: Invoca 2021​ Ovum Research​

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How ProtoCall AI® Works in Real Life

Consumers speak differently when talking to an automated system versus a human being, significantly impacting conversational flow

Distribution of interviewees' answers to a simple question:
Do you own your home?
Talking with ProtoCall AI®​
Consumers are sure they are talking to a human​
Response to Automation​
Consumers are sure they are talking to an automated system - a robot​
Efficiency of IMPLEMENTING ProtoCall AI®
Before YoY with Protocall AI®

Source: 2021 Aberdeen Strategy Research ​

With decades of experience in contact center
optimization, KomBea is a close observer of
global trends. This is what makes ProtoCall AI®

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Founded in 2001, incorporated in 2003, and headquartered in the heart of Silicon Slopes, KomBea develops contact center technology to enhance and perfect agent-customer phone interactions. Contact center agents around the globe use KomBea technology on millions of calls each week.

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