Script Adherence
ProtoCall enables live agents to perform with the speed and precision of a computer - while lowering costs.
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Engineer Dynamic Calls
Engineer Dynamic Calls
Build dynamic, intelligent call flows of what agents should do and say.

ProtoCall lets your “Call Engineers” build intelligent call flows that leverage data from any available source (customer record, Web services, current wait time, etc.) Using this data, calls are engineered to deliver the desired customer experience – fully compliant and optimized for any KPI.

For example, a call flow can use customer purchase history to determine which product to upsell or use the current PBX wait time to skip the upsell altogether.  In political fundraising, a call flow may use a donor’s zip code to determine median income, thereby influencing the amount to request.

Voice talents record each part of the script.  ProtoCall includes a text-to-speech engine, enabling call flows to confirm information such as a mailing address or account balance.
Eliminate Variation
Give agents a simple UI to "speak" using pre-recorded audio.

  Your agents are trained on 10-key proficiency. Single and double-digit keystrokes navigate the call flow, invoking audio files that customers hear.  Agents can stop and replay audio files at any time.

Since every agent uses the same voice and wording, nearly all human variables that cause conversational defects and variation are eliminated.  Every call is fully compliant, polite, and professional.

Customers rarely notice that agents are speaking with audio files. When they do, agents are trained to inform them that 1) they are a live agent but 2) use technology to speak to ensure better accuracy.  When needed or requested, agents use their own voice or bring a supervisor onto the call.
Eliminate Variation
Drive Continuous Improvement
Drive Continuous Improvement
Provide tools to test, measure, and control changes.

ProtoCall enables your “Call Engineers” to run A/B tests – either with a random set of agents or a random set of calls. Since every agent uses the same voice and words, this eliminates nearly all the human variables for conducting reliable tests.

For example, an A/B test might alter a sales pitch to determine if it drives higher sales. Built-in reporting provides this feedback. If the altered version drives improvement, the Call Engineer can quickly deploy this change to all agents.
Revolutionize Productivity
Revolutionize Productivity
Enable agents to double their productivity.

A well-engineered call flow will naturally drive productivity gains such as shorter talk times and higher resolution rates.  For many call types, experienced agents can effectively handle multiple calls at the same time – revolutionizing your productivity.  How is this done?

First, ProtoCall includes visual and audible features that enable agents to determine which caller is speaking and where they are in the call flow.  Second, the intuitive ProtoCall UI enables agents to operate each call with a single hand – using a 10-key.  Finally, built-in reports identify whether agents are effectively responding with speed and accuracy.

While multiple call handling is not feasible for all calls, many call types are repetitive and predictable: notifications, fundraising, surveys, activations, registrations, and even many customer service calls.
Lower Costs
Reduce attrition as well as time for training and coaching.

ProtoCall lowers costs in these ways:
  1. Less Attrition: agents are less burned out, especially with mundane, repetitive, or high-rejection calls.
  2. Less Training: learning ProtoCall is like learning to use a calculator rather than doing long division. Agents are trained to listen carefully and respond appropriately using the 10-key.
  3. Less Coaching: ProtoCall removes the need to coach on soft skills and compliance.  Coaching instead focuses on responding quickly and accurately.

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