The Sound of Trust

When transacting business on the Internet, customers look for “trust” brands such as Symantec VeriSign, Thawte, or McAfee Secure. They want to know that they are transacting business with an authenticated Website using SSL encryption to protect their data. Merchants know that these brands increase customer confidence, thereby driving a significant increase in online sales and other secure transactions.

Despite the astounding growth in Internet transactions, the phone remains a significant means of transacting day-to-day business. Phone transactions account for nearly 40% of consumer electronic purchases, 75% of travel reservations, and at least 25% of banking, insurance, and other commerce. In fact, there are an estimated 100 million phone transactions each day where secure information is exchanged, unfortunately with little or no security.

SecureCall brings the world’s first “trust” branding to phone transactions. When customers call your center, they could hear something like the following:

When they are later asked to give their credit card number, social security number, national ID, or the like, they’ll have the confidence that their information is secure. This leads to greater confidence, thereby increasing sales and establishing trust in your organization.

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